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Nancy Carson’s unputdownable period sagas are set mostly in the Black Country, a heavily industrialised area of England’s Midlands that lies west of Birmingham, and which was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Full of humour, romance, and poignancy, Nancy’s novels are sensuous, gritty and down-to-earth, featuring engaging heroines and a toe-curling variety of heros, as well as other unforgettable characters drawn from all walks of life.

Nancy’s novels for 2016 from Avon, HarperCollins

A Family Affair, Daisy’s Betrayal, and Rags to Riches
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Daisy’s Betrayal Nancy Carson’s seriously powerful novel, Daisy’s Betrayal takes a Victorian girl from an ironworker's cottage in Dudley to sunny Italy in a story of self- discovery, sensuality, betrayal and vindictiveness.  To Buy, please click one of the links to the store of your choice below, which will take you directly to the page for Daisy’s Betrayal Amazon UK Sainsbury’s UK Book Depository UK W H Smith UK (ebook) W H Smith UK (paperback) Amazon USA Barnes & Noble USA (Nook Book)

The Railway Girl

Set in the Black Country

during the Victorian age of

steam, and centred around

an actual historical incident,

The Railway Girl tells the

compelling and often

hilarious story of a young

man and a girl, who cannot

make up their minds.

A robust tale of love, loss and


Inspired by an actual

historical incident.

Available in ebook and paperback now, published by Avon, HarperCollins. Please click one of the links to the stores below, which will take you directly to the page for The Railway Girl Amazon UK  Amazon USA Barnes & Noble USA
Scheduled for release in 2017 THE LOCK-KEEPER’S SON,  set in the Black Country of the 1890s, tells of the intense romance between Algie Stokes and Marigold Bingham. It is a compelling and unusual story of five women and three men, and the monumental effect they all have on each other’s lives, but in particular on the lives of Marigold and Algie.
Rags to Riches OUT IN PAPERBACK 1st DECEMBER 2016. Nancy’s third novel about the Kite family of Dudley is set in a colourful world of beautiful music, as Maxine, the youngest of the Kite girls, is whisked from between-wars Birmingham and the industrial Black Country of 1936, to the dazzling, abrasive culture of New York and Chicago. Please click one of the links to the stores below, which will take you directly to the page for Rags to Riches. Amazon UK  Amazon USA Barnes & Noble USA