Daisy’s Betrayal is set in the sharply contrasting worlds of drawing room and tavern, slum and the visual splendour of Italy. My aim in writing the story was to vividly recreate aspects of the Victorian world through the eyes of the young heroine, Daisy Drake.

My inspiration for the book came from two directions: firstly, I had witnessed at first hand how vindictive human nature could be in certain circumstances, especially in broken relationships, and I felt the need to illustrate it and its sometimes horrific consequences in a story; secondly, I had been researching the Pre-Raphaelite artists and their work, and happened upon a lesser known artist, John William Godward, who became the template for the fictional character in the story, John Mallory Gibson.

My research on John William Godward took me to Rome, Sorrento and the Bay of Naples, and in my story, Daisy Drake, the heroine, and John Mallory Gibson follow in his footsteps enjoying their own romantic adventure, until . . .

Daisy’s Betrayal is a powerful story, and one I am proud of.