factory-girl-250_webThe Factory Girl is the sequel to The Dressmaker’s Daughter. This story is set in the West Midlands region of England that encompasses the city of Birmingham and the highly industrialised Black Country that lies to the west of the city. The timescale is the period between the two World Wars. Henzey Kite is the main character who falls head over heels with Billy Witts. But Billy is not good for Henzey and she does not realise it until it is too late. However, the end of that romance triggers an extraordinary love affair with Will Parish. Yet there is something about Will’s past that Henzey has no notion about, and it has a significant effect on her life even before she discovers what it is.

Henzey is subjected to so much heartache, so many conflicting emotions, and yet so much joy. She is not a complicated character; decent and honest, always wanting to do the right thing, but often pulled in the wrong direction which frustrates her no end.

I enjoyed the research for The Factory Girl, delving into the histories of the HP Sauce factory in Aston (now closed) and Joseph Lucas Ltd (Lucas Electrical) in Hockley, as well visiting Littlehampton and Middleton on England’s south coast (to get a feel for the place so I could write about it), where the story ends.

Thanks to all who read The Factory Girl. I hope you like Henzey and enjoy her adventures in love.