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Nancy Carson’s unputdownable period sagas are set mostly in the Black Country, a heavily industrialised area of England’s Midlands that lies west of Birmingham, and which was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Full of humour, romance, and poignancy, Nancy’s novels are also sensuous, gritty and down-to-earth, featuring engaging heroines and a toe-curling variety of heros, as well as other unforgettable characters drawn from all walks of life.

Nancy’s Carson’s latest novels

Missing You, Honour Thy Father, A Fallen Woman.


Honour Thy Father is Nancy’s latest novel, and different from any that have gone before. In 1853, in Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land (later known as Tasmania), Isabel Saxby is a successful business woman with independent means, due in part to an anonymous benefactor. Unmarried, Isabel falls in love with Barnaby Micklejohn, a widower assigned from England to work as an official in the colonial government. While their romance flourishes, Isabel carefully avoids divulging her extraordinary past . . . until she receives a letter begging her to return to Worcester in England to say goodbye forever to her dying father when all is revealed. But at what cost to her future with Barnaby? E-book and trade paperback: ISBN: 9781916398740 From 1st July 2021 Amazon UK Amazon.com.au Australia Amazon.com USA Kobo Books


Nancy’s latest novel is set in the 1890s and is a sequel to A Country Girl, dealing with the consequences of Marigold’s and Algie’s on-off love life, and the lives of others whose actions and emotions also affected them so radically. A powerful and sensual tale of love, desire, guilt, scandal, and betrayal. Available in ebook only from 8 February 2018 Amazon UK Link: http://amzn.to/2DRDSRg


In 1937, with Britain preparing for war, eighteen-year-old Libby Shakespeare finds employment as a shorthand typist at the offices of a Black Country steelworks. There, she meets Bunty Burgayne, the daughter of wealthy steel magnate Charles Burgayne, and they become best friends. When Libby is brought to Charles's attention, he comes to admire her competence, while his sons Edward and Hugh admire her entrancing good looks and likeable personality. Despite her lowly family background, both brothers vie for her attention. Libby grows to love one and despise the other, with disastrous consequences for everybody. MISSING YOU is a compulsive tale of love, desire and treachery, set against the backdrop of World War Two. AVAILABLE AS AN E-BOOK AND PAPERBACK - 10 March 2021 ISBN: 9798718874662 Amazon UK Amazon.com.au Australia Amazon USA Kobo Books ISBN 9781916398726 Trade Paperback from 20 May 2021