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Missing You

Missing You is a compulsive tale of love, desire, passion and

heartbreaking treachery, set against the background of World War II


In 1937, with Britain preparing for war, eighteen-year-old Libby Shakespeare finds employment as a shorthand typist at the offices of a Black Country steelworks. There, she meets Bunty Burgayne, the daughter of wealthy steel magnate Charles Burgayne, and they become best friends. When Libby is brought to Charles's attention, he comes to admire her competence, while his sons Edward and Hugh admire her entrancing good looks and likeable personality. Despite her lowly family background, both brothers vie for her attention, but using vastly different methods. Libby grows to love one and despise the other, with disastrous consequences for everybody. MISSING YOU has all the right ingredients: passion, romance, obsession, and wartime tragedy.
AVAILABLE AS AN E-BOOK - 10 March 2021  ISBN: 9798718874662 IAmazon UK  Amazon USA  ISBN 9781916398726 Trade Paperback from 20 May 2021
HISTORICAL NOTE MISSING YOU highlights a prison camp known as K-Lines which existed in the Curragh in Eire for the internment of airmen, Allies and German. In this camp the internees were privileged to have pass-outs that enabled them to play golf on the nearby course, go to horse races, local dances and even to date the local girls. Because it was a privilege every man returned to the camp to honour the pass-out system. However, once back inside it was their duty to try and escape!